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Imparting to Kids the Importance of Gender Equality

Gender equality issues are everywhere. When a boy decides to train under the Golden Dance & Cheer Academy, his parents will convince him to do something else that is manlier. Because of the limitations set by some parents on their children’s activities, their sons and daughters are raised to have a limited idea also on what a man and a woman has to be.

The society we live in is partly to be blamed on the development of such detrimental concepts on gender among the younger generations. The best time for a parent to make a positive contribution to a child’s idea of gender is at ages two to three, when this construct is almost already well-understood. You can try doing these actions towards your children for them to develop a balanced view of gender.

Help your kids identify sexist advertising. Marketing is crucial in encouraging consumers to buy goods, but it also is crucial in developing a person’s point of view on things. Children are easily attracted to advertisements targeted for them, because these are crafted to easily catch their attention. The advertisements make the kids feel that they need the toy. Candy stores design their candies in a such a way to easily convince kids to buy them, aside from that these candies are strategically place for it to be easily noticed. Children can be exposed to magazines containing images that make them feel bad about themselves, specifically on what a gender ought to be. Television ads show to the younger viewers that there are toys that only boys can play or only the girls can play. Advertisements make the boys believe that they can only have trucks, army figurines, and Legos for toys; girls are made to believe also that they can only have baking toys, dolls, and make-up for toys. What you can do as a parent is to tell your kids that the advertisement is not fair to both boys and girls.

Equal parenting has to be observed. The husband can help in doing the household chores and the wife can do the driving. In this way you are helping your kid to be free from the influences of gender stereotypes. It should not be the wife’s own responsibility to look after the kids, it is also the husband’s responsibility also.

You have to teach your kids that gender stereotypes are bad. If your child tells you about a gender stereotype he or she believes in, patiently inform him or her that it is not helpful to the society at all. Going back to the Golden Dance & Cheer Academy illustration, suppose your kid says that he cannot join it because only girls can be there, you as a parent can present to him male dances who can be a good example for him.